Saturday, March 28, 2009

Blood, sweat, and birds

A pretty nice Saturday. Temps are in the 30's, abundant sunshine, relatively light winds. Hard to complain.

I ran 19.5 miles this morning. I hadn't intended to go quite that far, as I underestimated the distance of a couple of deviations along my route. I kind of crapped out over the last couple miles, as I ran out of Gatorade (that will happen when you leave the spout of your water bottle open instead of closing it!), and I didn't bring enough gels. But, no complaints. Overall, it was a decent run.

A few new birds to report; yesterday I saw a flock of American tree sparrows. We are actually at the northern edge of their wintering zone, so this was notable since it seemed they were on the move in large numbers. Also, the juncos are everywhere.

Today, I saw my first two great blue herons flying overhead. And, in some open water where a creek flows into a lake, I saw three hooded mergansers, including one male displaying his full crest. Previously I had said the wood duck might be out prettiest duck, but the papa hooded merganser can hold his own in that category. A gorgeous duck!

The geese are also starting to pair up and establish their little territories for nesting; in many instances, right along the running trail. I ran within feet of several of them, and they start honking, telling me to back off. Some day I am going to have a tussle with one of these bird, probably reminiscent of Marlin Perkins' able bodied assistant, Jim Fowler, on the old "Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom" show. (I always though Marlin had a pretty easy job. I envisioned him sipping martinis and narrating while Jim was getting his ass kicked by an alligator.)

I loved this show as a kid. "Stay tuned for footage of Jean getting attacked by a goose!" :)

When I got back into my apartment, I noticed the front of my shoe was all red. I took off the shoe and my sock was soaked with blood. One of my toenails was ever so slightly digging into another toe, so I had blood all over the place. Ick! You think I would have noticed that at some point on the run, but apparently not. Anyhow, I am no worse for wear (and the toenails have been trimmed!).

Tonight's dinner was simple; spicy BBQ chicken wings and baked Yukon gold steak fries. Quick, easy, and good basketball watching fare. :)


Oh, and just when you think spring is here; the National Weather Circus has issued a Winter Storm Watch for Monday night into Tuesday. They are already saying 6 inches of snow might be possible. Just great.

Until next time,

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