Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Breaking out the shorts

Yours truly on a glorious St. Patrick's Day run

What a day! 55 degrees, a mix of sun and clouds, and a nice breeze. It was time to go running in shorts for the first time this year, thereby exposing my embarrassingly pale white legs to the entire northwest metro. (Don't worry, I won't subject my readers to such atrocities!)

Very good running today. All of the trails are obviously clear of ice by now, and the there were only a few puddles to navigate around in places. It is great to have some traction again.

Trails free of snow!

I really like my trails. I have the prettiest areas to run through. The trail I was on today takes me along the edge of a creek, and the area is teeming with bird activity. It is always fun to be out here, especially as the season is about to change.

A shot of the swamp from my running trail. So good to see the snow is gone!

Speaking of bird activity, I had a somewhat unexpected surprise; the red-winged blackbirds are back!

I actually heard their shrill voices before I saw them, but they were present in large numbers along the swampy creek edge. They arrived almost two weeks sooner than they did last year. It is funny how they all just show up. Good stuff! Spring is upon us.

Until next time,

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