Monday, March 02, 2009

The eagle has landed!

Rice Lake covered with snowmobile tracks on a sunny March day

Gorgeous day in the Twin Cities. OK, it was only 25, but still really nice. Abundant sunshine, a slight bit of wind, but really comfortable.

I ran my 5 mile route after work. The sun is so high now that is is actually melting some of the snow, even though the temperature is well below freezing. The trails are clear, so I was able to move along at a pretty good pace.

The eagle was sitting in her nest on my way out. All I could see was a little white spot sticking up out of the nest. But when I returned, she was sitting up on the edge and I snapped this photo. Not a good picture, but you can at least see her! She is a beautiful bird.

Mama eagle in the nest.

I also flushed a red-tailed hawk on the south shore of the lake in the woods. This is several times over the last couple of weeks I have seen the red-tailed in this area. I am guessing this is prime hunting ground for him. I would love to know if there is a nest nearby, but I have not seen it.

It is great to see some bird activity. And you know, we are probably only a month and a half away from some of our spring migrants starting to arrive. Bring on spring!

Leftover split pea soup for dinner tonight, and then it is the 2 hour episode of "24." Go Jack! :)

Until next time,

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