Tuesday, March 03, 2009


And now, time to recommend a beer...

I've been a fan of Bell's Brewery out of Michigan. Their "Two Hearted Ale," is a favorite summer beer, and their seasonal "Expedition Stout" is a wonderfully thick, rich, and chocolaty brew.

Bell's "Hopslam" Ale

Over the weekend, I found a Bell's beer that I had never seen before, the "Hopslam" Ale. Crisp, floral, spicy, with tons of flavor and character. It is kind of like the Two Hearted Ale on steroids. Just awesome. Apparently it is a very limited release, only made in January and February. If you are a fan of really hoppy beer, give it a try if you can find it.

I had a very nice run this afternoon following work. Temperatures were near 30 degrees. It was overcast and slightly windy, but hey...it was almost 30! I felt somewhat speedy today and clipped off my 5 miles in what seemed like no time.

I have some new dogs that bark at me during my runs as well. There are a pair of twin beagles who have started giving me the business. They live right next to the trail where I turn into the park, just a couple of doors down from my friend, the terrier (you remember this guy?).

The bark of a the beagles is almost something of a cross between a howl and a rooster crowing. They make the strangest noises! And they have barked/yelped/howled at me during every run for the past couple of weeks. Anyhow, I am apparently well on my way to annoying every dog in the neighborhood now. Ought to be really interesting once the weather warms up and the pooches spend more time outside!

Until next time,

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