Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The ultimate Egg McMuffin, and impromptu speed work

Tonight I made breakfast for dinner.

I had a piece of Niman Ranch applewood-smoked ham steak left over from my split pea soup preparation over the weekend, a free-range egg, smoked gouda cheese from Wisconsin, a honey-wheat English muffin, and some stone ground mustard. I toasted the English muffin, fried up the ham and egg, and assembled a killer "Egg McMuffin" sandwich. Yummy!

The "Golden Arches" have nothing on me!

Another nice run this evening. It helped that the temperature was around 38, so I did not need to run with a jacket today. The recent snow we received is melting at a rapid pace, so there were plenty of puddles on the trails. Running in weather like this it is hard not to get excited for spring.

Something amusing from my run tonight; every so often, I see this guy running in my neighborhood, and he runs in a regular winter-type jacket, hiking shoes, and denim blue jeans. I don't know why, and to each their own, but perhaps he has his reasons. This can't be comfortable, though. But don't be fooled by the atypical attire! This dude is deceptively fast, and I recall him roaring past me one time during a run last winter.

Anyhow, I rounded a corner and noticed that this guy was like 50 yards behind me on the trail in the park, and he was gaining. So I put the hammer down and picked up the pace, for no other reason than I didn't want to get passed by a runner in blue jeans! Shallow? No question. But at least that little bit of motivation goaded me into some "speed work" tonight! :)

I need to cut this short. I have a backlog of shows on the DVR, and at 8:00 PM, it is time to watch my favorite show, "Lost." It just keeps getting more and more crazy, and I am loving every second of it!

Until next time,

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