Monday, April 06, 2009

Late night snacking

While doing my grocery shopping over the weekend, I noticed a new type of Doritos chips on the shelves. The name was intriguing; the flavor is called “Tacos at Midnight” (that is some serious menu poetry there). Since Doritos already offers a taco-flavored chip, I would assume this has to be some sort of variation, but I am unclear as to what the difference might be. Whatever the case, seeing this reminded me of a couple of late night food items, both from college:

1. The Subway near the bar we frequented on weekends (Mom, if you are reading this, we only frequented it occasionally :) ) was open late, which was genius on their part, as this was during an age when you typically did not see fast food joints open past 10 PM. They served something called the “taco sub.” They took warm, taco-seasoned ground beef (just like the stuff in Taco Bell's cheap tacos) and piled it into a sub roll with cheese and all of the fixings. The sandwich was either offered for a very limited time (this was the early 90’s) or in a very limited market, because I never saw it anywhere else, and I haven’t seen it since. Few sandwiches tasted so good after midnight. Along these lines, it also only sounded like a good idea after midnight.

2. Not to be outdone, a local gas station/convenience store (also in very close proximity to the bar...which, as mentioned earlier, we only frequented occasionally!) served up a late night south-of-the-border offering of their own; the infamous (some would say notorious) “chili cheese nachos.” This consisted of a tray of round corn tortilla chips, a scary looking molten "nacho" cheese sauce that was a neon orange-yellow in color and was dispensed from a pump, and a ladle full of brick-colored beef chili (which the clerk scooped out of a crock pot that was sitting right there on the counter by the cash register). Everything about it was just so wrong, and it absolutely screamed “stay away.” The morning after, you never said, “Gee, I am really glad I capped off my evening with those chili cheese nachos.” Yet, after a few beers, you were mysteriously drawn in as if Escoffier himself was reincarnated and preparing late night fare at a gas station.

Of course, I had to purchase a bag of the Doritos. I will let you know if they taste good on their own, or if beer and a late evening are required to enjoy them. :)

This can't possibly be a good idea, can it?

A relatively decent day in the Twin Cities temperature-wise. It was 43 degrees for my run this afternoon, but there was a raging northwest wind, which made for slow going on the return trip. That dusting of snow we got yesterday disappeared almost as quickly as it came, so that was a non factor. Just a nice easy 5 1/2 miler tonight.

No new birds to report, although I did see a great blue heron, and we have robins by the thousands.

Time to sit down to a night of TV, where the NCAA, "24," and the new show "Castle" (which I find absolutely love and hope it gets picked up for next year) will be battling for my attention span.

Until next time,

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