Thursday, April 02, 2009

Little Miss Can't Be Wrong

Yesterday on my favorite classic rock station, I heard the song "Little Miss Can't Be Wrong" by The Spin Doctors. They were two-hit wonder band from the early 90's known for the aforementioned song, as well as one called "Two Princes."

When I heard this, I laughed for two reasons:

1.) Yet another song from my more formative years is now considered "classic rock."

2.) I actually saw this band perform live as an opening act...for a comedian! Even better, the comedian they opened for was Pauly Shore (no, I am not making this up...April Fools Day has passed). Adding to the overall atmosphere, one of my college friends was in the front row mercilessly heckling the lead singer, who, at the end of their set, went out of his way to offer up a one-finger salute directly to my buddy. You can guess which finger (I am relatively certain that Dante Alighieri would have placed this experience for The Spin Doctors somewhere between the fourth and sixth circles of hell. Who said rock and roll is glamorous?).

So yeah, hearing that songs brought back some memories!

The Spin Doctors

Today is a day off from running. It is kind of a shame, as this is the nicest day we have had this week, but it is good to take days off.

I was going to run a local race this weekend but have decided against it for a kind of silly personal reason.

I looked at my running spreadsheet where I not only keep track of mileage, weather, and other assorted notes (mostly bird related!), but I also keep track of my races. The next race I do will be my 50th. I thought a milestone race like that really needed to be a big one like the Fargo Marathon. Seems logical, right?

Until next time,

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