Tuesday, April 28, 2009

More days like this, please

A perfect spring day! Yours truly, enjoying a run along the shore of the lake this afternoon.

The roofers that started roofing two Mondays ago are still here. Last night about 8 PM, I witnessed a ladder being propped up outside my window followed by one of the roofers climbing onto my deck and firing up a gas-powered leaf blower to clean off debris. It was a little difficult to hear "24" for a few minutes. Ugh! It looks sort of like they are packing up for good, but they are still doing some work outside tonight as I type this. I will be glad when they are done!

I put in the normal weekday 5 miler this afternoon. The new shoes feel really good. Always nice running in new shoes; you feel like you have an extra spring in your step!

No new bird sightings today. However, I am enjoying the nesting bluebirds and tree swallows along my route. And, we are absolutely infested with "Myrtle" warblers right now. I don't remember the last time I have seen this many of them, and I am hoping some of their other warbler friends show up soon.

And what a day for running it was! Low 60's, no humidity, nice breeze, bright and sunny...wow! What a treat! Leaves are busting out all over, and the flowering trees are days away from blooming. These are the kind of Minnesota spring days you dream about.

Speaking of weather, I have kind of enjoyed Christine Clayburg's forecasts on the local FOX affiliate for the past few years, and now I know why. Check out her bio. Beer, X-Files, pizza, tacky 80's music, burgers, Sapphire gin, AND she can wax poetic about hook echoes, gust fronts, and zonal flows? What a woman!

Until next time,

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