Sunday, April 19, 2009

Nature at home on a lazy Sunday

Today was a day off from running after the 21 miler. Everything feels really good, so I am happy with the way my training has gone.

The weather was a little drizzly this morning and much cooler. We barely cracked 50 degrees today. Believe it or not, my parents are actually getting snow in northern MN. Even though it is spring, they are under an official "Winter Weather Advisory," so I am not going to complain too much.

My only trip outside was to the grocery store this morning. Had it been a nicer day, I wouldn't have minded hiking around somewhere. No worries though, as there was plenty of wildlife activity just outside my window to keep me amused.

I had a yellow-bellied sapsucker in my yard today, my first of the year. So pretty! Also, the "Myrtle" warblers are still here in large numbers. The males have been peeping and chasing each other around, no doubt trying to impress the females. There was a handsome white-breasted nuthatch skulking up and down a tree. A mama robin was busy gathering grasses for her nest, and two different gray squirrels were picking up leaves to stuff into their nests as well.

It is fun being able to watch wildlife while wearing flannel pajama bottoms and slippers!

And was the drizzly, gray, slightly chilly day a perfect excuse to make some braised short ribs with red wine and mustard sauce, along with Ina Garten's cheddar dill cornbread? Why, yes! Yes it was.

Ina's Cheddar Dill Cornbread

Red wine marinated braised short ribs with a red wine and whole-grain mustard sauce and a side of cheddar dill cornbread

Until next time,

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