Friday, April 17, 2009

Out of the woodwork

It has been a gorgeous week here in the Twin Cities. When I returned from the North Country on Monday, I went running at a comfortable 55 degrees. For the rest of the week, the temperatures have been in the upper 60’s on Tuesday and Wednesday, and the low 70’s yesterday and today. A far cry from the 19 degrees I experienced on Saturday morning! We are in need of rain here in the Twin Cities, though, and it looks like we will be getting some this weekend. It seems strange that there has been so much flooding this spring in parts of Minnesota and North Dakota, yet we need rain. Too much water in the wrong format and wrong place, I guess.

The running was absolutely outstanding this week! When it gets above 60 degrees, it is time for all Minnesotans to put on our shorts and tank tops and blind each other with our pasty white legs! And let me tell you; every walker, biker, and fair-weather runner has come out of the woodwork.

Normally, when you run at regularly scheduled times, you see a similar cast of characters, recognize most of the folks, say hello, and exchange pleasantries. Tonight, the trails were packed with people, and I didn't recognize anybody. Bikers are whizzing by me, I'm dodging strollers, and none of the runners were familiar at all. Who are these people?

I am convinced that there are folks who only come out when the weather is nice. The only evidence I needed was the lady on a mountain bike who stopped me in the park to say:

"Hey, did you know there is an eagle's nest back here?"

She doesn't know me very well, does she? :)

Oh, and an update; I have tried the Doritos “Tacos at Midnight” chips that I had mentioned in a previous post. I am not entirely sure how it was done, but they have managed to capture the “essence" of tacos. As soon as you open the bag, you are hit with the exact aroma of a bag of drive-thru tacos; corn tortilla shells and taco seasoning, right down to the smell of the lettuce (no, I’m not kidding about the is true). Actually, the aroma kind of reminds me of the Happy Joe’s taco pizzas we used to get in college from time to time, another late night indulgence (Hey, maybe that could be the next flavor of Doritos...taco pizza? I'll have my people call the Frito-Lay people!).

They do taste different from the regular Doritos taco chips, and overall they are not too bad. But I am guessing that, much like the beloved Ruffles Cajun spice flavored potato chips I remember from high school, this flavor is likely something of a novelty that probably will not stand the test of time. Gather ye "Tacos at Midnight" chips while ye may!

In closing, since it was 73 degrees at my place today, here is where I was five days ago. Talk about worlds away!

Easter Sunday in the snow at Mom and Dad's place

Have a great weekend, and good luck to those of you racing!

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