Saturday, April 25, 2009

A sudden change in the weather

So the original weather forecast called for a 70% chance of rain today. That was the latest update when I checked last night at 10 PM.

There was some very light drizzle for about 5 minutes on my run this morning (barely enough to wet the pavement). It is a cooler day in the mid 50's's, but right now the sun is even shining! Hardly the washout that the National Weather Circus predicted just hours earlier!

I did 18 miles today, and it was a very nice run. I pushed the pace a little bit and gave myself a decent workout. Felt good.

My latest new bird sighting on my run was the white-throated sparrow. I actually heard their familiar whistle before I saw them and encountered a flock of perhaps a dozen or so. These guys don't stay down here and are just passing through. My parents are lucky enough to have white-throats nesting on their land, and they are among my Dad's favorite birds. Very fun to see them!

I also saw some cedar waxwings, ring-necked ducks, buffleheads, and many wood ducks. The wood ducks love the area around my running trail; plenty of trees and water.

Following my run, it was time to head back to my running store to replace my dirty, worn out, blood soaked shoes from this past winter. I learned of another dreaded model change. My beloved Mizuno "Wave Inspire 4" shoes have suddenly become the Mizuno "Wave Inspire 5." Eeek!

Having fallen victim to a model change in the past when my formerly beloved Brooks Adrenaline series changed just enough that they no longer worked for me, I am now always nervous when this happens. But the helpful runner girl working the shop sized me up and put me on the treadmill for a good test run. They felt fantastic. I don't think Mizuno screwed around with these too much. The shop girl was satisfied as well, noting that they both looked and sounded really good (my feet weren't slapping or anything) when she analyzed my stride. So I think I am good to go!

Since the day turned out much nicer than predicted, I also took a walk around the neighborhood. I ended up going 4 miles, so nobody can accuse me of not getting my exercise today!

The forest floor coming to life along my running trails

The afternoon was really pleasant. I hoofed it around the trails with my binoculars in case I saw anything interesting. The trees are continuing to sprout their leaves, and the forest floor is turning green.

I stopped to check out the eagle's nest. Mama is sitting on the side of the nest, so I wonder if her eaglets have hatched? Lots of tree swallows were buzzing around the meadow, and we are still being invaded by Myrtle warblers. The walk was enjoyable and felt quite good after the long run.

Tonight's dinner was simple; Sloppy Joes! None of that "Manwich" sauce either; this was a concoction of my own. Nice and messy, yet tasty too!

My homemade Sloppy Joes; putting the "S" in "Sloppy!"

Until next time,

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