Monday, April 13, 2009

Where there's a Will

I have returned from a fantastic Easter weekend up at Mom and Dad's place. I have a lot to talk about, which will probably require a couple of posts, but I thought this one deserved its own post. For the very first time, I got to meet my nephew, Will.

Uncle Jean and nephew Will

His first and middle name is William Ogden, but they are calling him Will. I loved it that they chose names from both families. William is the name of Blythe's father, and Ogden is the name of Brett's and my late grandfather on my Mom's side.

Blythe and Brett seemed a little tired, but are doing really well. They seem like seasoned veterans when it comes to the parenting thing. Will is a good and relatively quiet little kid, only really crying when he is hungry. He joined us for a couple of dinners and he just sort of hung out and chilled while all of us ate. He will fit in well with this group!

As I am Will's only uncle, I told him that I would have to work harder at finding him an aunt. He doesn't deserve to be aunt-less. In any case, I figure I have to be a shoe-in for the "favorite uncle" designation, as Will really has no choice. And I can't wait to buy him a drum set (just kidding, Brett and Blythe...or AM I?).

Will sporting his bunny ears for Easter.

So, that is my cool little nephew, Will! I look forward to the days where we can go on bird hikes, and when I can help him learn various cooking techniques (Will, I am going to teach you how to make homemade pasta. You'll love it; we'll make a total mess of the kitchen. It will be fantastic!).

Much more to come from my Easter weekend, including my long run into town, and my hikes into the woods where Norris the nuthatch rules the forest, and (as "Twin Peaks" taught us) where the owls are not what they seem. Stay tuned...

Until next time,

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