Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Popcorn showers

A strange weather day today. Rain very early, a mix of sun and clouds, and then a few popcorn rain showers.

About 1 PM this afternoon, it came down in sheets for 5 minutes, and then got sunny again. It was kind of humorous, as I was in a meeting at the time, and I could see the folks walking on the trails outside were completely caught off guard and started scrambling for shelter!

That kind of describes my run later in the afternoon. I left in a mix of sunshine and cottonball clouds, and then a rogue black cloud passed over and dumped on me about 3 miles in. Actually it wasn't that unpleasant. Running in the rain is kind of fun. It was just odd weather, that is all. Come on, Mother Nature, make up your mind already! :)

A couple of new birds to report; I saw my first green heron of the season today. He is among my favorite waterbirds, so it was fun to see him. Also, for two days in a row, I have had hermit thrushes hopping around below my deck and bobbing their tails. They are cute and quite well camouflaged against the brown hues of the forest floor. I kid of wish they would stick around, but they like spending their summers just a little north of here. Fun to see them, nonetheless.

Oh, and a belated comment about my Sunday dinner. If I do say so, my lamb and pork ragu turned out fantastic. I love making Bolognese-style ragus, and if this wasn't my best effort ever, it had to be in at least the top three. I ground my own meat (a nice coarse grind) and used lots of aromatic veggies (carrot, fennel, onion, garlic) and fresh herbs. It came out very rich with the tomato and wine flavors concentrating so beautifully. This is providing darn good leftovers for lunch this week as well.

Sunday's Bolognese-style ragu with lamb and pork over whole wheat spaghetti

I am still convinced there is some Italian in my heritage, but I have yet to find it! :)

Until next time,

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