Thursday, May 07, 2009

Road To Fargo

Bing Crosby and Bob Hope never did a "Road To Fargo" movie, but I think they should have

Tomorrow I am Fargo bound!

This afternoon was my last run before the Fargo Marathon. Just a very easy 5 miler. It was quite a nice day down here, 73 and sunny with some big cotton ball clouds. Gorgeous. No new wildlife to report, however in an obvious response to my post from yesterday, a downy woodpecker gave me a rousing sendoff with a drum solo on a hollow log! :) I am excited for the weekend.

Pretty, puffy clouds over the lake on this afternoon's run

I have a half day of vacation tomorrow, so I will be able to scoot out of the Twin Cities early. That is a very good thing because Saturday is the infamous Minnesota “fishing opener,” marking the official start of the walleye fishing season (which many consider an official state holiday). Traffic is always a nightmare on the Friday afternoon before the opener with a veritable parade of trucks pulling boats heading up to the northern lakes. It will be great to get on the road and up to Fargo ahead of that.

Dare I say the weather looks ideal for Saturday? The current prediction is for highs to reach only into the mid 50’s with some sunshine. That should make for a nice, cooler morning. I hope that holds true, because that would be perfect running weather.

Good luck to those of you running the weekend. Full reports from my trip will be forthcoming!

Until next time,

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