Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Bad ideas in training plans

I was having a conversation with a coworker this week. It was about running.

He was presenting a theory that if he ran three miles a day at a really hard pace, he should be able to successfully complete a half marathon by the end of summer by simply slowing down.

I told him he was crazy, and that he really needed to do some long runs to build endurance. All his body would know would be how to run three miles fast for a short period of time. He insists this should work and wants to give it a try. I told him I will be asking about his progress! :)

This has been the strangest spring weather. Temperatures in the low 70's, absolutely no humidity; Minnesotans aren't used to nice spring days! Typically it seems to rain incessantly from May through mid June. We do need rain, but it is hard to complain about this.

Running has been nice this week. Comfortable 5 milers on Monday, Tuesday, and today. I've seen a few painted turtles along the edges of the trail, some laying their eggs. The sedge wrens greet me daily (I think I have located three pair now). I even chatted with a baby bunny along the trail yesterday (which made for a scant .20 bunnies-per-mile ratio on that day...but no worries, as summer arrives, the BPM always increases!). Very enjoyable!

Until next time,

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