Thursday, June 25, 2009

The next big thing

I hated not having a "big" race on my schedule, so I now have something set up for the fall. I am going to do the Des Moines Marathon in October.

On two different occasions, I have run the half marathon at Des Moines (actually, that I where I ran my fastest half back in 2006). I greatly enjoyed those experiences, so I figure it is time to do the full down there.

Des Moines is a nice Midwestern city, they put on a good event, and it is very pretty that time of year. Plus, it is a nice arrangement as the host hotel is right at the start and finish line, so I can pretty much stumble out into the street to start and crawl back up to my room from the finish. Look out, Iowa, here I come! :)

(I was also considering the much smaller Siouxland Marathon in Sioux City, Iowa this October. However, when an internet search turned up a dearth of interesting restaurants, I decided to pass. Yes, dining choices are THAT important!)

This week has been sweltering. I didn't run on Tuesday because the heat index was near 100 again. Yesterday was 88 degrees, however the drop in the humidity made it feel much more tolerable. Today's five miler felt really hot again with sunny and 90 (although I did see three bunnies today for a solid .60 BPM). Summer took awhile to get here, but it has most certainly arrived.

I think the resident baby eagle has taken flight! I did not see him at the nest yesterday or today. so unless he was tucked way down in the nest, he has finally taken to the air! I would have loved to have seen that. Fly high, little guy!

Until next time,

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