Tuesday, June 09, 2009

A round of applause, please

Our strange weather continues. Yesterday saw a high of around 55 with plenty of clouds and even a light mist. Today was only in the mid 60's and kind of overcast. Not very summer-like, but it made for nice running. I did a pair of 5 milers on both days.

Some good wildlife notes this week; I saw a mama Mallard swimming on the lake with six of her babies in tow. I spotted a green heron who even had his neck extended and his crest puffed up (he was a little perturbed about something). There is a mama chickadee in my yard that has three noisy babies following her around and demanding food. The sedge wrens are everywhere along my running trail. And today I saw a common yellowthroat and heard another in the swampy edges near my lake (there has to be a nest nearby!)

Not to leave the mammals out, on yesterday's run I encountered two deer, a couple of yearling bucks both sporting six inch velvet spikes. I stopped and chatted with the deer for awhile, as they were not terribly afraid!

This is a beautiful time of year in Minnesota, even if summer hasn't really arrived!

I've been reading recent posts of the fellow runners on my blog roll, and a significant number of you participated in a race on Saturday or Sunday (with a couple of you running Saturday into Sunday!). Even better, you all had some pretty remarkable performances! I think perhaps some acknowledgments are in order:

-Penny ran a 5k race and placed 3rd in her division

-Glenn ran a 10k race and established a new personal record time in the process

-Kel ran the Chester Woods 10 miler and bettered last year's time by nearly 10 minutes

-Beth finished her very first triathlon (on what was a rather chilly day to be swimming in Minnesota!)

-Don finished two marathons over two weekends, the Deadwood Mickelson Trail Marathon this past weekend, and the Minneapolis Marathon the weekend before that...placing second in his division in both races!

-Steve finished the grueling Kettle 100 in Wisconsin...that is right folks, 100 miles, and he set a new PR. (Not only that, but this was his 6th ultramarathon since April 9th!)

-We're not done with the 100's yet! Rick ran the San Diego 100 miler and not only established a new personal best time, but finished 6th overall!

Congratulations to all of you on your achievements, and I hope I did not miss anyone! I love reading about all of your various adventures, and you all motivate and inspire me. Thank you for sharing your stories, and I wish you much continued success!

Until next time,

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