Tuesday, June 16, 2009

"Udderly" coincidental

In my post about the Udder Run, I received a nice comment from a new reader, Ms. V. Upon reading her comment, I learned that she too had partaken in the Udder Run on Saturday. I went to her blog to read her race report.

To my surprise, there are actually two different Udder Runs in the United States; one in Goodhue, MN, the other in Hilmar, CA. But that's not all! Both races happen to be the same distance, 5 miles. Not only that, but they were run on the exact same day, June 13, 2009. Adding to these strange coincidences, she and I were both the recipients of cheese for placing in our respective divisions!

Is that funny or what? Thanks for stopping by to share that, Ms. V! This is indeed a small world! Maybe next year these two races should join each other via satellite so we can have a simultaneous Udder Run? :)

I went for a 5 mile run after work today. It was light drizzle when I started, gradually turning into a steady downpour by the time I finished. I looked as if I had fallen into a lake. My shirt and shorts felt like they weighed about 10 pounds.

This is good though; we needed the rain, and this is a good, steady soaker. Plus, there was absolutely nobody outside, so I had the trails to myself. And I even saw some wildlife on the run today. The rain didn't stop a deer, muskrat, painted turtle, and an osprey from coming out to greet me.

Until next time,

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