Friday, July 17, 2009

Busy week

This has been a very busy week. Lots going on at work, and I spent all day yesterday in a meeting with customers, so I am really glad it is Friday! :)

Running this week has been largely uneventful. Rather comfortable days, however, actually quite cool for mid July (it is all of 61 degrees as I type this!). It has made for nice running.

Not too much new to report in terms of wildlife. I did see the resident juvenile eagle on two occasions this past week. He was hanging out near the nest, so I know it was him. His size is amazing; incredible how fast they grow. And, he looks to be gaining independence, so another successful year for my resident eagle pair. Nicely done!

Also, I have noticed an influx of Monarch butterflies this week. Not sure if there was a recent hatch in my area, but they have been all over the meadow this week, and they weren't there the week before.

I have a minimal agenda this weekend; long run tomorrow morning, hopefully a hike on Sunday morning, and I am meeting friends for chicken wings and beer on Sunday night. (Mmmmm....chicken wings and beer)

Until next time,

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