Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hopping down the bunny trail

Daylight in the swamp; this morning's sunrise (you can't see them, but there was a family of wood ducks on the pond to the left and under the tree!)

A gorgeous Saturday morning. Low 60's, not much humidity, and abundant sunshine. I put in 13.5 miles today, a nice and steady long run.

A few good wildlife encounters; I surprised a mama deer along the trail. I also had a rooster ring-necked pheasant land on the trail right in front of me only to do an about-face and hightail it back into the bush in road runner-esque fashion. The aforementioned wood duck family was a treat. The little guys were making a cute whistling noise that echoed across the pond.

The highlight was spotting 27 bunnies along the trails! In terms of sheer numbers, that is the most I have ever seen on a single run. And, it makes for a perfect 2.0 bunnies-per-mile ratio (a new BPM PR, eclipsing a previous best of 1.75 BPM on 12 mile run!). It was astonishing. They were everywhere! Of course, it is easy to pad the stats when you meet a mom and four little dudes in one spot. :) Still, there was a lot of fur on the trails today!

Bunnies, bunnies, everywhere! The was bunny #24 this morning, the only one who cooperated long enough for a photograph.

I was just reading an article in the local paper talking about about how the rabbits have had such a favorable year, and that many bunnies are having second batches this summer. A number of the bunnies I saw were quite small, so I think that is obviously the case. I am officially declaring this the year of the rabbit!

Thankfully, none of the bunnies I encountered were this vicious... :)

Until next time,

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