Saturday, July 18, 2009

Running, bunnies, pizza, chicken, and beer


Saturday morning was fantastic. Temperatures were almost chilly in the mid 50's, but that makes for perfect running. I ran the same route as last weekend and put in 13.5 miles. It was a great run. I love these cooler days because you feel like you can run forever.

I saw lots of great wildlife, too. I flushed a pair of great blue herons, scared up a green heron, and saw catbirds, cardinals, sedge wrens, great egrets, cedar waxwings, a baby Baltimore oriole, and I even spooked an 8-point buck and sent him crashing through the forest. And of course, there were plenty of....


You might recall last weekend was a new PR in terms of bunnies per mile. Well, the bar has been raised again.

Saturday's run produced a new record of 30 bunnies for a record shattering 2.22 BPM. I am guessing a lot of these bunnies were the same ones I saw last weekend, except that a few more of their friends joined them.

This is getting out of hand. We are being overrun by rabbits.

This is kind of what it is like along the trails, except the bunnies don't dance... ;-)


I tried a new pizza dough recipe on Friday. The original recipe was ultra simple (from the "Big Sur Bakery Cookbook"), consisting of nothing but flour, salt, water, and yeast. I decided to improve upon it and added some sugar to help the yeast, as well as some good olive oil (because that's just how I roll). The results were fantastic. This was the lightest, most pliable dough I have ever made. It was fun to work with.

I made a homemade pizza with stuff that I had on hand; tomato sauce, double-smoked bacon, fresh sage leaves, and some Pecorino-Romano and fresh mozzarella cheeses. Great pizza! The crust got nice and crispy on the bottom, yet it retained a nice chewiness with a light and airy quality. Delicious. Remind me to use fresh sage on pizza more often, particularly when there is a pork product involved. The aroma alone was amazing!

Homemade pizza rules


For dinner on Saturday night, I embraced my inner Norwegian and made a roasted chicken with lemon and dill. The recipe is pretty much straight from the pages of "Kitchen of Light" by Andreas Viestad.

Viestad insists on using a ton of fresh dill for the recipe, and I agree. Stuffed in the cavity, it helps to permeate the meat during cooking. And, rubbed on top of the chicken with the butter, the bits of dill get crispy and almost sweet. I love dill. Roast chicken rocks.

Roasted Chicken with Lemon and Dill


I discovered a tasty brew. If you like beer with lots of hops, you might like the Boulder Beer Company's "Hazed & Infused" dry-hopped ale if you can find it in your area. A pretty bronze color, a very floral aroma, with a crisp, hoppy flavor and a dry finish. Anyhow, it is really nice, and I am finding it to be delicious.

Goes well with Led Zeppelin

Until next time,

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