Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Here endeth the lesson

Update: Awhile back, I told about a friend at work who was going to try and run a half marathon by training on no more than 3 miles a day just to prove he could do it. I told him he was nuts and insisted he should train more. He actually followed through on his plan and recently ran a half marathon.

The experience sounded painful. He told me that after 5 miles, he had severe cramping in his quads. Also, he developed some huge blisters on his feet. I guess the last half of the race was excruciating and he felt like he wanted to die. He said he thinks he could have prevented the cramping by doing squats or lunges. Or, I told him he could have just run a little more. :) In any case, the poor guy has been hobbling around the office!

Of course, I should point out that this guy is something of a natural athlete, so even on that limited training, he still almost bested my half marathon PR. So now I officially hate him. ;-) But I think I proved my point, and I think he understands there is a difference between finishing a race vs. finishing a race and actually feeling good!

A couple of notes:

1. Running this past weekend was awful. But running today was delightful. Back to the upper 70's and low dew points. Wonderful!

2. I am relatively certain my sedge wrens have left in search of greener meadows. I have not seen or heard them in almost a couple of weeks. They were fun, and I already miss them. I am hopeful that these strange, nomadic birds will return next spring.

3. This week, I have notice a huge increase in the number of grasshoppers, and I rescued my first woolly bear caterpillar from the trail. These are sure signs that fall is nearly upon us!

Until next time,

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