Saturday, August 01, 2009

Slacking, and ads of yesteryear

Slacking with posting, that is!

Last week was really busy, and I just didn't have a heck of a lot to say, so the blog posts were kind of lacking for the past several days. The weather had been really quite mild this week, which has made for nice running, though.

I did several 5 milers over the course of the week, and a good 15 miler this morning. Today felt almost fall-ish. Crisp, breezy, and cool temps in the upper 50's to start. All the was missing was the smell of dried leaves.

Not as many bunnies today. I deviated from my normal route, and this route is less conducive to bunny encounters (only 11 long-eared critters today for a paltry .73 BPM).

I did scare up a mama deer, however. That was actually pretty funny because she was walking on a dirt road ahead of me. The wind was roaring from behind but she couldn't hear me coming. As I got closer, I could see her head turning and ears moving, obviously picking up the sound of my footsteps. Eventually she turned and looked, which resulted in a full-blown sprint into the woods (the deer, that is; not me!).

Anyhow, it was a nice run. Minnesota runners have been loving the cooler temperatures (the third coolest on record according to the local news, and there were zero days of 90 or above!).

Absolutely unrelated to anything, I stumbled upon this gem earlier in the week. I am actually old enough that I remember seeing Hamm's bear commercials on TV. The Hamm's Brewery was based in St. Paul, so these were on all the time when I was little. Of course, this is before the lawyers stepped in and ruined all the fun of having a beloved beer-selling cartoon character. :) Enjoy!

"From the land of sky blue waters..."

And speaking of questionable advertising using cartoon characters - I had never seen this before, but it seems positively unbelievable given today's cultural climate. :)

Light up with...Fred and Barney?!?

Until next time,

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