Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I don't have any material that is very cohesive today, so here are some unrelated snippets describing the goings on in my world:

-Running has been very nice this week. Temperatures have been in the upper 70's, but the humidity is fairly low. Great running weather, and fun times outside. Yesterday I heroically rescued a painted turtle from certain doom on the trail (he was a little slow, and I didn't want him to get run over by a biker), and today I ran with a ring-necked pheasant (instead of flying, this goofy rooster sprinted down the trail in front of me for quite some distance before finding a nice turnoff into the tall grasses of the meadow!).

-A few signs of fall are slowly starting to emerge. Sumac leaves are changing colors, and you can even see a hint of change in some of the trees (although some of that might be related to a drier summer). A lady was out on her cross-country "roller skis" today. And, the deer that I stopped to chat with on the trail today is starting to lose the bright red coat in favor of her grayish winter coat!

-I am fortunate to have some lakes and ponds near my office. For the last several weeks now, I have enjoyed seeing an osprey making numerous daily passes by my office window. Occasionally the bird has flown within 15 feet of my window, and a couple of times it has been transporting a freshly caught fish. Fun to watch! I am hoping I get to see this dude make a full dive into the lake in pursuit of its prey before it is time to head south.

-I heard a disturbing fact on the TV news this morning; the local meteorologist announced that sunset in my area is now at 8 PM. Of course, I have been noticing that the hours of daylight are diminishing, but it is always somewhat jarring to hear that!

-My office's fantasy football draft is tomorrow after work. I already know I have the 8th pick overall, so I am already going into this season expecting that my team will suck. There are 12 teams in the league as well, so I think that virtually assures me of only one decent player and increases the likelihood of ending up with an old fart QB like Favre (wait a minute - he is less than a year older than me. Does that make me an old fart?!?). In any case, football season is back, baby! :)

Until next time,

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