Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A visit to the Shore, in pictures

I had a fantastic weekend with my family up in northern Minnesota. I got to run three times (12 miles, and a couple of 5 milers). We ate very well, hiked quite a bit, saw some cool birds (Merlins, Northern waterthrush, many warblers, and of course the chickadees and nuthatches), had a good time bonding with my nephew, and enjoyed hanging out with the family. In lieu of a wordy post, I thought I would just share a bunch of pictures. As you will see, the woods is quite lovely this time of year.

I got to act like a tourist. Here I am hiking on the shore of Lake Superior.

I got to see my nephew, and he is cool. Here he is hanging out with Grandma!

The wild raspberries were ripe, so I got to pick and eat many of these tasty morsels.

This time of year is outstanding in terms of flowers and vegetation. Here are some beautiful yellow tansies, which are all over the place.

The beaked hazelnuts were being harvested by many happy chipmunks and squirrels

The Pearly everlasting flowers are gorgeous this summer

Great spangled fritillary on an aster

Fireweed - these flowers bloom from the bottom up. There is an old saying that when the top finally blooms, fall is here!

Bumble bee on a thistle

While these look like blueberries, they are definitely not; they are called "blue beads," or Clintonia borealis

Most of the lupine were done blooming, but a few were hanging on

Don't try this at home with any old chipmunk! :) My parents have strange chipmunks that enjoy a back rub while eating sunflower seeds.

As you can see, it was a really nice weekend.

Until next time,

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