Saturday, September 26, 2009

21 in the fog with the owls

Finally, a decent Saturday morning! The last two weekends were warm and humid. Today, it was humid, but also very cool.

A foggy Saturday morning over the lake. You can see the colors are really starting to turn.

I ran 21 miles today, and it was GREAT! I was out the door at 5:20 and temperatures were cool, staying in the mid 50's the whole time, with areas of mysterious, patchy fog. I ran very well, nice and steady, with no crashing and burning in the later stages. I stayed well hydrated and energized, and was very happy with my performance. It was good to have this after two weekends in a row of feeling somewhat unproductive.

The highlight of the journey was running a dirt road through a wooded area adjacent to a field. It was still dark and you could see stars in the sky, but there was also some low hanging fog over the field and in the trees. A very loud sound of "Who-cooks-for-you!" echoed throughout the area. I started laughing because I knew this was the call of the barred owl. There were two of them that had a little call and response going on in the early hours of morning. It was a beautiful setting in the darkness with the stars and the fog, hearing the haunting, yet somewhat comical, vocalizations of these beautiful birds.

As the sun came up it revealed to me just how much the leaves have turned in the past couple of days. It's getting pretty around here! Ducks and geese are starting to flock together in large numbers on the lakes and ponds. Robin and blue jays are starting to band together as well. You can definitely tell changes are in our midst.

For dinner, I cooked up my Minnesota Viking-style gratin Dauphinoise, made with alternating layers of Yukon gold and purple potatoes (recipe for the gratin is found here). It is football season, after all.

Go, Vikes, go!

The gratin paired nicely with some grilled venison tenderloin drizzled with aged balsamic vinegar and a side of fresh Minnesota-grown green beans!

Some tasty carbs and protein after a big run today!

Until next time,

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