Friday, September 04, 2009

Another holiday weekend at home

Got out of work a little early today, went for an afternoon run, and got to see the parking lot that was the Interstate heading out of the Cities for the last unofficial weekend of summer. As I ran a short section of the bike path that parallels the freeway, I even got to witness some horn honking and people conducting diplomatic relations with their middle fingers. Nice.

At that moment, I was happy that I didn't have to go anywhere this weekend. And from the looks of it, everyone has left town, so the Twin Cities will be my personal playground for a few days! :) And the weather forecast is supposed to be great. Looking forward to some running, hiking, cooking, and whatever else I decide to do!

Absolutely unrelated to anything, I found this story somewhat amusing. Clearly, Minnesota's neighbors to the east have a sense of humor:

Plastic Pink Flamingo Named Madison's Bird

Have a safe and fun holiday weekend, everyone!

Until next time,

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