Tuesday, September 22, 2009

First run of the fall

My local lake on the first day of fall

Fall officially arrived today at 4:19 PM. Put a fork in the summer of 2009!

Yesterday's run was a really nice 5 miler, partially because I just got a new pair of shoes, but also because of the weather - low 70's, fairly overcast, with an occasional stray raindrop. While still a little warm, not having the sun beating down on you makes a different. I felt downright spry and speedy!

I also encountered a pair of deer the woods along the trail. They were there on my way out, and on my way back in exactly the same spot. During second trip past them, I stopped to chat. I was no more than 20 feet from one of them, and they could have cared less. She stared curiously at this idiot that was talking to her, and then resumed her munching on some of the underbrush. I went on my way, and they never moved. Clearly, they are used to seeing people.

Today was supposed to be overcast with a chance for rain. As you can see from the photos above and below, it turned out to be a spectacularly gorgeous day. Low 70's, low humidity, just idea. Not a bad way to kick off the first run of the fall. I put in an easy 5 miles again, as I was stopping to take photos and investigate the woolly bear situation.

Yours truly, enjoying the trails on the first day of fall

I did find a woolly bear caterpillar today. I tried to photograph him, but it came out blurry. He did have a large brown band on him, which is supposed to be indicative of a mild winter. However, I saw one over the weekend that had a very tiny brown band, meaning our winter could be harsh.

So far, it is a mixed bag of woollies. More research is needed. :)

Until next time,

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