Wednesday, September 30, 2009

French Omelette

Really nice running weather over the last couple of day! It was 56 degrees yesterday and near 60 today (with a crisp 38 this morning...brrrr!), which made for delightful running. The fall colors continue to kick into gear as well.

A shot of the lake this afternoon. The leaves continue to get more colorful!

But enough about that. The real reason I am here is because I am happy to report that for two days in a row now, I have managed to rock out a really good French omelette for my dinner!

A successful French omelette with Gruyère cheese and fresh thyme, garnished with a little parsley

This has been something of a culinary nemesis of mine ever since I saw Alton Brown make one of these on his show. I don't know why, as it should be so simple, but the technique has eluded me. I think I find it challenging because it comes together so quickly, the window for success or failure is narrow, and getting the fold right has been kind of tricky for me.

But I think I have it down now (or at least I am getting close). For two days in a row, I have turned out a French omelette with a fluffy exterior and a nice creamy interior. The photo above was from tonight. Yesterday's was actually prettier, but I was so excited with the results, I forgot to take a picture! :) Delicious stuff.

Yours in eggy goodness,

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