Sunday, September 20, 2009

Looking, but not feeling like, fall

A giant sunflower still in bloom. Most of these are losing their petals now, but this guy is hanging in there. By the way, I was eye level with the flower.

We experienced another warm weekend, so it is definitely not feeling like fall. However, it is starting to look like fall. A little bit, anyhow. Now I am just waiting for the days to get cooler.

Local trails showing some fall colors

A furry friend on the trail

Today was a day off from running. I ran a little over 18 miles on Saturday. It was kind of a tough run, as I found it rather humid, and the day was rapidly starting to warm up. Slow going towards the end. But I finished! I saw a green heron en route, along with many blue jays, and lots of ducks and geese on the move. It would appear many of my feathered friends are hightailing it out of here!

Last night, my reward for the long run was a lemon-dill roasted chicken, again, straight from the pages of the Norwegian cookbook "Kitchen of Light" by Andreas Viestad. This is my favorite preparation. I love fresh dill, and I use a whole bunch as Andreas insists (it's a Norwegian thing). In fact, my kitchen still smelled of dill this morning! :) In any case, dinner was awesome.

Out of the oven

Lemon-dill chicken with Minnesota-grown green beans and sweet corn

Until next time,

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