Thursday, September 17, 2009

Woolly bully

Our unseasonably warm weather continues. The first part of the week was in the low 80's with high 70's yesterday. Not the most comfortable weather for running, considering fall is only a few days away. I have managed 5 milers on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and I was a sweaty mess after each of them!

I saw a few interesting things during my run this week, including a Cooper's hawk, the reemergence of the mourning cloak butterflies, as well as several tiny woolly bear caterpillars trucking across the trails. And so begins another season of the woolly bear rescue mission.

There is a theory from the Old Farmer's Almanac stating that the length of the central brown band on the woolly bear caterpillar is indicative of what kind of winter we can expect. A longer brown band indicates a shorter winter is in store for us, while a thin brown band tells us the winter will be long.

A woolly bear from last season. This guy had a fairly small brown band, and we had a rather drawn out winter last year. We will see what happens!

I will be conducting extensive woolly bear caterpillar analysis in the coming weeks and will let you know what we are in for. ;-)

On a related note: I just learned there is a Woolly Bear Festival in Ohio. It is this weekend if you are anywhere in the neighborhood of Vermilion. Looks like this festival is in need of a fun run. :)

Until next time,

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