Thursday, October 15, 2009

Des Moines Marathon Validation Plan

I'm going to write this post using some of my work-related lingo. Only developers and QA types will probably find it amusing. It is sort of like Steve Martin from his early stand-up days when he geared one of his jokes towards a convention of plumbers supposedly in the audience, only not nearly as funny...


2009 Des Moines Marathon Validation Plan


Preliminary weather forecast appears to be sunny and in the low 30's at the start with a high around 60 later in the day. Should make for an ideal day of running, even though it might create something of a wardrobe conundrum at the start.


Runner had a good, solid summer of training. A few medium distance races and a 20 miler for tuneups, and weekend long runs between 17 and 21 miles over the course of August and September.


Review suggests runner is prepared and has trained within the established standard operating procedures. Runner is also armed with a new enough pair shoes that are properly broken in, a varied wardrobe for any conditions, plenty of gels, and is taking adequate anti-chafing measures.


In the downtown Des Moines testing environment:

1. Choose proper attire based on Sunday morning weather
2. Tie shoes, ensuring laces are tight
3. Apply anti-chafing measures
4. Carry enough gels in waist pack
5. Line up at 8:00 AM in downtown Des Moines on Sunday, October 18
6. Run, run, run
7. Successfully finish the 2009 Des Moines Marathon

My VERIFICATION TESTING RESULTS will be recorded upon my return. :)

Iowa State Capital building from my trip in 2006

Onward to Des Moines! Good luck to all of you running this weekend, and I will speak to you when I get back on Sunday!

Until next time,

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