Sunday, October 18, 2009

Des Moines Marathon Verification Testing Results

Picking up where I left off on the validation plan, I need to finish off my testing results:


Using the downtown Des Moines testing environment:

1. Chose proper attire based on Sunday morning weather, suiting up in shorts, long sleeved top, and a light top over that. Gloves also came in handy for the 37 degrees at the start
2. Tied shoes, ensured laces are tight - additional regression testing included ensuring timing chip was properly affixed
3. Applied liberal amounts of anti-chafing stick
4. Carried enough gels in waist pack
5. Lined up at 8:00 AM in downtown Des Moines on Sunday, October 18
6. Ran, ran, ran, managing race well and actually had a strong finish
7. Finished the 2009 Des Moines Marathon in 4:07:26

Testing PASSED. Marking as VERIFIED. :)

Thanks to all for your well wishes and kind remarks leading up to the event. I really appreciated it. I will be posting more details soon (without the techno-babble!). Bbut in short, I had a really good race. It was not my fastest marathon, but it was my best one in terms of management, pacing, and finishing strong.

More to if you will excuse me, I am off to my recliner with a cold beverage! ;-)

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