Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Gorgeous fall day

After rain for four of the last six days, we finally got a really beautiful fall day in the mid 60's. Nice! I had a very enjoyable five mile run. Saw lots of song sparrows, a few blue jays, and even my pair of resident eagles. Just a great day to be outside.

Here are some images from this afternoon's run:

Pretty colors along the running trail

The shoreline of my local lake

Turning maples along the trail

The colors are going to be gorgeous down here this week. Even if it snows on Friday. :)

Here is my pizza from Monday night. I made pizza with a lattice pattern of prosciutto, fresh sage, a couple of cheeses, and an egg yolk right in the middle - sort of a "bacon and eggs" pizza, if you will!

Pizza, pizza...

While tasty, it was something of a failure aesthetically, as I should have put the latticed prosciutto on top of the cheese so you could actually see it! Also, the egg yolk cooked too long, resulting in a firmer, custard-like texture (I was shooting for somewhat runny). Next time, I will add the yolk towards the end of cooking. Lessons learned.

Until next time,

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