Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Reminiscing at the microwave, and a nice fall day

I was microwaving some lasagna today for lunch, and I remembered a story from a couple of jobs ago.

My department relocated me to another floor due to space issues. I was surrounded by people from a different department, and my cubicle was near an older lady who was the admin for this group.

I barely had my computer set up when she stopped by. Without so much as an introduction or a hello, she launched into this diatribe explaining that if I was going to share the same printer as their group, we would have to work out some sort of billing arrangements between our departments (ink cartridges were expensive, they shouldn't have to absorb all the costs, blah, blah, blah). I kindly explained to her that:

A.) This was for someone other than me to figure out, and...
B.) I really didn't care. :)

Anyhow, that was a hell of a first impression, and I found her to be quite unpleasant. She would never say hello and would only really talk to you if she needed something, so I generally went out of my way to avoid having any interaction with her.

Most people who know me know that I like to make food from scratch whenever possible, especially pasta dishes. I invariably prepare my own red sauce, and even make my own fresh pasta from time to time.

So there I was in the break room heating up some of my lasagna, and my buddy was in there as well. Out of nowhere, she happened to ask what I was making. I told her "lasagna," and she got uncharacteristically animated and excited.

She exclaimed and declared, "Oooh, lasagna! I love lasagna! And I make gooooood lasagna! Is yours homemade?"

"Yes, it is homemade," I replied. "I love to cook, and I think I can make a pretty good lasagna as well."

Letting my guard down a little bit, I figured that she might have been a fellow cooking enthusiast. Maybe she was going to let me know about a family cooking secret for lasagna, such as a red sauce that was handed down from generation to generation, a new technique, or some special ingredients? Perhaps this broke the ice and I had found some common ground with her?

"Really?" she responded. "Do you use Prego, too?"

Or, maybe not. ;-)

(For the record, Prego is a fine and tasty product, and I heartily endorse its use! I like Prego, have purchased it countless times, and I subsisted on the stuff in college. It was just that given her enthusiasm for the dish, I was expecting a very different response and it completely cracked me up! Anyhow, that is what I thought of today while warming up my lasagna...)

A quick note on running - What a day this was! 61 degrees and sunny, on November 10th? Are you kidding me?!? Any day like this, this late in the year, is a bonus.

Running was a treat tonight. I put in my normal weekday 5 miler, and it was oh, so comfortable. I love running in weather like this. Here are a couple of images from tonight's run:

The lake with the sun setting behind me - you can sort of see that we have no leaves left

Tonight's sunset through the trees. See the blob to the left of the nest? That is one of my resident eagles.

Until next time,

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