Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Toga! Toga!

Talking golf for a moment, I enjoyed this story about Michelle Wie winning her first professional tournament. What I particularly loved was this quote describing the celebration after the win:

"Just seeing them come out and pour beer all over me, it was a great feeling," Wie said. "I've always seen it on TV and I've always wanted people to pour beer on me. It was as great as I thought it was."

It is worth noting that Michelle is only 20, so not quite of legal drinking age yet. I also feel as if that quote was stolen from me, as I am relatively certain that I said the exact same thing after one of the annual "toga parties" back in college. :)

Taking a trip down memory lane - One of my college classmates recently mentioned on Facebook that this past October was 20 years since the toga party of our freshman year. This fraternity had two annual parties - a "toga party" in the fall and a "beach party" in the spring. It was the exact same party, but with different attire. Everyone got driven out to an old roller skating rink on the outskirts of town in rickety old school buses (I am talking complete junkers that could only be called "buses" in the sense that they were long, had tires, and held a bunch of people). There was no pesky "21 or older rule" - if you could hand $5 to the bus driver, you were good to go.

At the roller rink, they had a huge beer truck parked outside the building with taps built right into the side, so you could just help yourself. Local law enforcement seemed to tolerate this, as it was really no secret what was going on. Police officers would wander through the party every so often, more or less turning away from the action as if they were professional wrestling referees. I never heard of anyone being ticketed or arrested, and I am guessing they were just there to make sure everyone was safe. I also think the only reason they let everything slide was because nobody was driving. These parties were fun, and always made for some interesting stories afterward. One year, a couple of the guys came back to the dorm with a souvenir; the emergency door from one of the buses! I am guessing in this day and age, these parties have gone the way of the dinosaur. Still, they were good times!

Of course, I might have been of questionable legality in terms of drinking age for a few of these, so perhaps I should give Michelle a pass. Never mind. And Mom, please ignore the previous two paragraphs. These are vicious rumors only... ;-)

Anyhow, on to running - There is a massive tree planting project along my trails that has me kind of steamed. It sounds absurd to be upset about anyone wanting to plant trees, but it was poorly planned and executed. I will explain at some point, but I need to get some more information.

Aside from that, it was a nice evening for running once again. 50 degrees, clear, and sunny. I was treated to a gorgeous sunset. And I got to see one of my resident eagles, which is always a treat. I am really enjoying these fall days.

A blurry sunset through the trees on tonight's run

Another shot of the eagle's nest at dusk. Can you find "Sam" in this picture? :)

Until next time,

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