Thursday, December 03, 2009

Déjà vu all over again

A couple of days ago, I got stuck behind this old, dilapidated Pontiac Fiero on my drive home from work. This car had a bad exhaust and muffler system, as I could hear it over my car stereo, and it would practically stall every time the driver would shift. We absolutely crawled away from stoplights, and progress was incredibly slow. I followed this car for miles, too (I take the back roads, so there is no getting around anyone). He would happen to be going the exact same route as me! The crowning blow occurred when we were lallygagging along and approaching one of my last stoplights (a really long one) when the light turned yellow. The Fiero gunned it and, with a sputtering gasp of the engine, made it through. Of course, I had to stop. Argh! What a frustrating and slow drive home.

In the strangest of coincidences, the very next day I got stuck behind the same Fiero at the exact same intersection! I felt like I was Bill Murray in "Groundhog Day." Adding to how strange this was, I even left work at a different time. Bizarre! So, again we begin the long, slow procession north, listening to the drone of the loud muffler as the car poked along. Not wanting to deal with this for two days in a row, I took a chance and peeled off of the normal route, taking a winding shortcut through a residential area. This almost never works out, because while this shortcut is shorter, the stoplight here is ridiculously long, and you invariably end up waiting minutes for the light to change. But not this time. I hit the light perfectly, and got ahead of the Fiero. Victory is mine! Take that, slow Fiero! It was clear sailing the rest of the way home.

That story really has no point. I just thought it was weird. And I did not see the Fiero tonight, which is probably good! :)

I am starting to get back into the swing of things after the week long vacation (regular routine, normal eating habits). Running has felt good this week with a series of 5 milers on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. It was in the low 40's earlier in the week, followed by temps right around freezing yesterday, and today we got a dusting of snow. Not much, but it is always strange to see snow when we have gone so long with none. I am still regularly seeing the resident deer coming out for their evening grazing, as well as the local eagles hanging out by their nest.

Until next time,

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