Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Memories of Y2K

Call me slow, but I looked at my calendar today, and it just dawned on me that we are entering a new decade in a couple of weeks.

Exactly ten years ago, I was working a lowly production support job helping to save my company from the dreaded "Y2K" bug. If you believed any of the news footage at the time, you might remember this was supposed to cripple the entire planet. Ultimately, all it really did was make a lot of consultants a lot of money. :)

So I got to spend my 1999 New Year's Eve at work, ensuring that none of our computer systems crashed when the clock struck midnight. I remembered earlier that day watching some TV, and they were showing various countries around the world ringing in the new millennium. The lights were still on in Bangladesh, so I figured the odds were pretty good that we would be fine here in Minnesota.

Of course, midnight passed and nothing out of the ordinary happened. That night was spent alternating time between my cubicle and the server room until about 2:30 in the morning (had to wait to see if the West Coast was fine, you know). I drank sparkling grape juice (nobody could have sneaked in the real stuff?!?) with co-workers who would all rather have been somewhere else with someone else. Good times!

I personally encountered only one Y2K glitch (two if you count the fact that my local grocery store was sold out of fresh mushrooms on New Year's Eve day due to hoards of people stockpiling food, so I had none to go along with my steak dinner that night!). At my local gas station, the pay-at-the-pump receipt printed the date as "1/1/100." Everything was charged to my account correctly and without issue; it was just that the year on the printer rolled over from 99 to 100. I thought that was really funny and kept the receipt as a souvenir of my millennium experience. I might still have it somewhere.

A little "Y2K" humor...with a running theme, no less! :)

Anyhow, hard to believe that was ten years ago!

A little nicer running tonight. The temperature was 11 degrees, and there was very little wind, so it was not quite as brisk as it was yesterday. Once again, I encountered no other humans on the trails. Didn't see much else, but the sunset was gorgeous.

I did surpass a milestone of sorts. Tonight's run put me over 1700 miles for the year. I have long since surpassed my previous best of 1616 miles in a year, and I still have a couple of weeks to go, so every step adds to a new record! A pretty good year for me, so I am quite pleased.

Until next time,

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