Saturday, December 19, 2009

When bunnies attack

Saturday morning greeted me with a mild day, 23 degrees and overcast. A great day to run. I was out before sunup and put in 11 miles. Both of the resident eagles were roosting near their nest, and their chunky silhouettes could be seen agains the clouds. Lots of cardinals were out and about this morning as well. I only saw three other people; a runner, a walker, and another walker walking what appeared to be a wolf (it was the biggest, fuzziest Alaskan Malamute I have ever awesome dog!).

A funny thing happened as I entered the trails. It was still fairly dark, but you could see well with the lights of the city reflecting off the low hanging clouds. I startled a cottontail rabbit that was sitting in a yard next to the trail. The bunny took off like a shot. In a moment of confusion, it ran right for me in its bid to escape, making a sharp 90 degree turn at the last second, and just barely missing me. That is right - I nearly got run into by a rabbit! That would have been a first.

My run was excellent today. I felt really strong and had a spring in my step this morning. Apparently the beef and bean burrito I had at El Azteca for lunch yesterday is my equivalent of Underdog's "super energy pill?" Who can say for sure? All I know is that it was a lot of fun running today!

This does beg the question; was Underdog taking performance enhancing drugs? :)

I spent the rest of today in the kitchen. I made my little chocolate covered peanut butter crisps, as we are having a cookie party at work on Monday. I also started marinating some beef to make jerky. The day in the kitchen was capped off with pizza for dinner. Four cheeses, fresh basil, and little bits of my homemade bacon, to be exact. The dough was also made with some excellent whole wheat flour from southern MN wheat (my Mom gets this stuff milled fresh for her - I am happy to have my Mom as my connection for really good flour!). Mmmmm, I love pizza...

Pizza, pizza!

Until next time,

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