Thursday, December 10, 2009

Winter in fall

It was all of 4 degrees for tonight's run. Add the wind chill and it felt like -9. I keep reminding myself that it is 11 days until winter officially starts! :)

The only people I saw on my run tonight were a couple of kids snow blowing a pond to make their hockey rink. The trails were all plowed, the the crews got after it in a hurry. I encountered no other runners, no pedestrians, just a couple of deer and a beautiful red fox that rapidly scampered into the woods when he saw me.

Please enjoy this slideshow of our recent snowstorm. We only ended up with a few inches in my neighborhood, but southeastern Minnesota got clobbered, some areas with upwards of 16 inches!

The long range forecast shows a possible high of 20 on Sunday. That is the warmest temperature predicted for the next week. Might be awhile until I run in shorts again!

Staying close to the fireplace tonight,

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