Sunday, January 03, 2010


2010 is off to a brisk start. It has been a very cold weekend here in Minnesota.

My car thought it was kind of cold this weekend

Sunday morning I ran 5 miles at -16 below zero (air temperature, not wind chill). Actually, it wasn't so bad, relatively speaking, as there was no wind. Days like this are always interesting to run in because your entire face mask and hat frost over, and your eyelashes also freeze and develop a frost buildup. And then as soon as you walk indoors, everything melts almost instantly!

My neighborhood is still an absolute mess from the Christmas snowstorm. I've been having to map out new routes because they still have not plowed some of my usual bike paths and sidewalks. They didn't get out there fast enough after the storm to clean off the trails, and now everything is a frozen blanket of ice. Some of these areas are completely screwed up until we get some melting going on - and that might happen by June. ;-) Could be a challenging winter of running.

When I returned to my building, there was a guy outside letting his dogs do their thing. I greeted him with a "good morning." He took a look at this completely frosted over runner, laughed and said:

"You're nuts!"

I've heard this so many times now that it has really lost all meaning... ;-)

Tonight's dinner needed to be something to warm me up. How about some spicy tangerine chicken stir-fry? Recipe is loosely based on this one, substituting chicken for beef, adding some julienned carrots, snow peas, and red bell pepper, along with some water chestnuts (I increased the chili sauce and added a lot of crushed red pepper as well). Good stuff, and spicy enough to get the nose running!

A spicy stir-fry on a cold weekend

In looking at the long range weather forecast, the warmest temperature I see over the next week is a high of 15 degrees (next Sunday!). More below zero overnight temps as well. Welcome to Minnesota in January.

Until next time,

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