Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A heatwave

Tonight's run...26 degrees.

That is a whopping 41 degrees warmer than my Saturday morning run. And it is still below the freezing mark!

Yours truly on tonight's run

I am almost not even sure how to dress on days like this. It seems so long since we have had a mild day. All I know is this is the first run in some time where I have not had to wear a face mask or a balaklava!

With the warmer temperature, some of the snow on the side streets is starting to melt (it is warm enough now that the road salt is finally kicking in), and the trails are starting to soften. More weather like this is expected into the weekend, so I suspect things are going to get a wee bit sloppy down here.

Snow-packed trails

I will enjoy this while it lasts. Winter is far from over!

Until next time,

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