Monday, January 25, 2010

Slushy Sunday

After raining for much of the day Saturday, and with overnight temps right around freezing, the trails have become a sloppy mess. The previous base of a couple inches of hard packed snow has turned into a couple of inches of slush. Just awful running this morning. I put in a slow 5 miles, and that was about all I could stand.

I had thought about running some errands on Sunday, but with wet streets and somewhat foggy conditions, the roads had a bit of a glaze on them. I even saw a car lock up its brakes and slide through a stoplight. That ended my thoughts about running some errands.

So I stayed put. And then I watched the Vikings blow their chance to go to the Super Bowl in the evening. As I heard on the radio this morning:

"Go Vikings! And take the Twins, Wild, and Gophers with you!" :) Tough day to be a Minnesota sports fan.


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