Friday, February 26, 2010

Come on, spring!

I am very excited that March begins on Monday. That means spring is only a few weeks away. That means we are roughly six weeks away from the first warblers of the season to start migrating through. That means I will hopefully be able to start wearing shorts again sometime in the very near future.

Then again, we always run the chance of snow through late April and some of our lakes might not thaw until mid May, so perhaps I should contain my excitement for a few more weeks. :)

This has been my most challenging winter for running. In late December, we got dumped on with snow, then everything froze solid. The trails have never really gotten completely cleared off. Now, with the sun being higher in the sky, a lot of melting is occurring, creating ice slicks on parts of the trails. The last few months have been frustrating, and a few days have even driven me (a guy who loves winter running) indoors.

Tonight was a very slow, tentative 5 miler. Here's to warmer days ahead. Bring on spring!

The Olympics will be missed when they are finished this Sunday. I have really been enjoying the games and have decided that cross country skiing might be the prettiest sport to watch on TV. The colorful uniforms against the white and green backdrop of the mountains - wow! And the racing has been excellent.

I actually caught myself shouting at the TV during the late stages of the Nordic combined on Thursday when the American skiers pulled away from the Austrian and went 1-2, capturing their first gold medal ever in this event (by the way, big week for Billy Demong). Anyhow, despite some bellyaching about the weather, I thought the Olympic games have been fun. Good show, Vancouver.

Tonight's dinner was a homemade pizza Margherita. Pizza with tomato, basil, fresh mozzarella, and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. So simple, yet so yummy.

Mama mia!

Until next time,

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