Thursday, February 11, 2010

Getting Better

I have defeated my cold! Even though I didn't have Penny from "Big Bang Theory" to sing "Soft Kitty" to aid in my recovery, I am feeling infinitely better than I did on Tuesday. All hail the healing powers of chile peppers and chicken noodle soup!

I've been well enough that I went running the last two days. I took the lame route and ran indoors at the Plymouth dome. It was a very nice day today, but it was also nice to run at a warm 55 degree temperature...and in shorts! Today's run was particularly good. I am no longer congested, and I felt fairly energized. Good to be rid of that miserable stuff!

I am a bit behind on my food posts. Here is one of the meals from the weekend that took two days to prepare. On day one, I made a pork shoulder braised in red wine and tomato sauce with mushrooms. On day two I shredded the meat and used the some of the braising liquid combined with a traditional red sauce to make lasagna.

Braised pork and mushroom lasagna

The pork got ridiculously tender, the sauce was rich and tasty, and it was a pretty successful dish. The side dish is Brussels sprouts with bits of my home cured bacon. Yum.

Until next time,

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