Saturday, February 13, 2010

Horfrost in Minnesota

We had dense fog and cold temps in the Twin Cities overnight. All the trees had a thick layer of horfrost clinging to the branches. Here are some images from my neighborhood this morning. It is a winter wonderland!

No doubt, this helped to make for a gorgeous run this morning. 8 degrees, relatively calm, and occasional periods of the fluffiest snow falling. Stunning!

I did 11 1/2 miles today. My cold is completely gone, and I had a really nice run. The trails were in good shape, so the footing was solid. And hardly anyone was out yet, so I had the trails largely to myself. It felt great to put in some miles on such a pretty day.

More and more chickadees are singing their "fee-bee" song, and I head cardinals doing their "what-CHEER!" call, which I almost never hear in the dead of winter. I am taking these as signs of spring. Come on, spring! :)

Until next time,

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