Saturday, February 06, 2010

Pictures of Matchstick Men

Saturday morning I did an easy 8 miler. It was a nice morning. Overcast, low 20's, not bad at all. I am still dealing with my cold, which has evolved into the runny nose and coughing up phlegm variety. So I really didn't want to push anything.

I sure have been having a tough time getting in some longer runs on weekends. First I dealt with all the snow from December, the bitter cold days, and the terrible trail conditions. Now that the trails are nice and smooth, I have a damned cold. And tomorrow afternoon is supposed to be the start of a significant snowstorm that promises to dump anywhere from 6 inches to a foot or more of snow (depending upon which weather forecaster you trust) and linger in the region through Tuesday. Yikes.

Following some errands today, I stopped at my local Culver's for lunch, which is often a Saturday ritual. Love their burgers! They always have some sort of 50's music playing inside the restaurant. Everly Brothers, Bobby Darin, stuff like that - sort of your quintessential, nostalgic burger joint music.

As I was eating my lunch, a new song starts up. I instantly recognized the violin intro. Surprised, I said to myself, "This is Camper Van Beethoven!"

CVB was an alternative rock band from my college days. And yes indeed, it was "Pictures of Matchstick Men," their cover of a Status Quo song, and their most successful hit. This song was from 1989. It was so out of place here.

Yet, I was loving the fact that it was playing. Who is the wonderful person that slipped this song into the lineup? Happily, I ate my burger and fries, humming along to the lyrics...

"Pictures of matchstick men and you,
Images of matchstick men and you
Alls I ever see is them and you"

Once the song finished, it was right back to the oldies with a succession of 50's music. It was uncanny, as if they played that song just for me. An unexpected treat to go along with my Butter Burger.

Thanks, Culver's!
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