Monday, February 15, 2010

"Well, isn't that special?"

With any homecoming week, there is always a multitude of "spirit building" activities. During my junior year of high school, there was a skit competition held at the homecoming pep fest. I was entered with a friend.

We performed a skit based on Dana Carvey's old "Church Chat with the Church Lady" talk show bit (I am really dating myself here, but this was a popular recurring SNL sketch at the time).

I was dressed to the nines in an old lady outfit, and I conducted a "Church Chat" interview with my buddy. Some of our skit was scripted out, but a portion of it had to be improvised, as I also ended up dragging my Dad (a teacher at the school) out of the crowd to be subjected to some grilling from the Church Lady. We thought we were pretty clever.

Time for Church Chat...

We ended up finishing in second place behind some football players who performed as the California Raisins - "claymation" figures made popular by TV commercials that were something of a pop culture phenomenon at the time. All these guys did was dress in black Hefty garbage bags, wear sunglasses, and dance around to the song, "I Heard it Through the Grapevine."

Remember the Raisins' Christmas Special?

I remember being quite disappointed because of the effort we put into our production. All those hours of study hall completely wasted (shhhh...don't tell) with our planning, crafting, writing and rewriting of our skit, only to finish second to guys merely dancing around as giant raisins, an act they threw together in minutes. There is a better than average chance that we just really sucked and weren't nearly as funny as we thought we were. But still - giant raisins?

Lessons were most certainly learned from this experience. I learned that entertainment is a tough business, and that an audience can be difficult to please. But also, I learned that aspiring to mediocrity is never a good thing.

(Sorry...I caught about 30 seconds of the sitcom "Accidentally on Purpose" tonight, and all of these memories came flooding back...) ;-)

Since this is a occasionally a running run today, but Sunday was a nice morning. The temperature was around 8 degrees, but the sun was shining, and it was not quite as frosty as Saturday. I put in a good 7 miles on the trails. A great weekend of running. Here is to getting in some quality miles!

Until next time,

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