Thursday, March 18, 2010

Blackbirds, chips, and tonight's dinner

It was a day off from running, so three quick non-running related notes...

1. The red-winged blackbirds have returned to my neighborhood. I was driving home from work with the sunroof open, and I swore I heard their familiar piercing yodel as I passed a marsh. A quick hike around some of the marshy areas in my neighborhood confirmed it. They are indeed here, and in great numbers. This is truly an exciting sign of spring! These guys are actually a day behind schedule - last year, they arrived on St. Patrick's Day.

2. As a follow up to an earlier post, the "All Nighter Cheeseburger" flavor of Doritos is decent. They are definitely unique. The predominant taste I notice is that of yellow ballpark mustard, accompanied by secondary notes of ketchup, pickle, American cheese, and something I will simply call "grill flavor." Not so much a flavor of beef - rather, it is a sort of smoky, charred flavor element (good grief, I feel like I am writing a twisted version of a wine tasting note!). Darned if they don't taste like a cheeseburger that you would cook up on your grill during the summer! I would probably buy these again if they were on sale, but the taco flavor is my favorite of this series so far.

3. Here is a quick dinner I threw together tonight. Aside from actually raising the chicken that laid the egg, everything on the plate is from scratch - homemade caraway rye bread, and homemade sausage gravy prepared with my homemade ginger & sage breakfast sausage! Great stuff.

Not exactly your garden variety "S.O.S." :)

Until next time,

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