Saturday, March 20, 2010

Duck soup

The first day of spring required winter running gear in the morning! A balmy 26 degrees, and coupled with a brisk wind out if the northwest, that brought the wind chill down to 18.

In spite of the chilly conditions, I had a good long run, just a shade over 16 miles today. Some of my favorite trails are finally free of snow and ice (these don't get plowed in the winter), so I got to run on my preferred routes. Nice to be back on my summer stomping grounds!

No new bird sightings on the run - however, I did walk back out to my lake in the afternoon. There is an approximately 300 yard long swath of open water where all the mergansers were the other day, and that is the only open water on the lake.

This afternoon, there were even more mergansers. Joining the common mergansers were their cousins the red-breasted and the hooded. Two new bird arrivals for the spring list! It was a huge duck party! I counted at least 70 birds, most of them the common, with a dozen hooded (6 males, 6 females), and approximately a dozen red-breasted. So fun to see some new birds returning.

Tonight's dinner - Giada's pork chops with fennel and caper sauce. A delicious dish. I did everything by the book, except I added garlic and crushed red pepper. Why? Because that is how I roll. :)

Giada's recipe rock!

I served it over some orzo pasta, but the sauce is a little runny, so next time I think I might do this over something that will sop it up better. Perhaps this would have been the time to try polenta? In any case, I will make this again!

Until next time,

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